Guidelines for authors


AlgoTel – CoRes is a community conference, without any copyright. We use to say that AlgoTel – CoRes should be the place to present your best papers. If some of your papers have been accepted to INFOCOM, PODC, etc. please submit them for presentation.

The 4 page limit helps avoid copyright issues. You should not have any problem (i.e. sufficient overlap) with an already published or ready to publish paper. We ask all the authors to respect the rules: the paper should be pedagogical to be self-sufficient. Please remind that the community is quite large, and that AlgoTel – CoRes expects broad audience papers, able thus to popularize scientific contributions.


We are not against self-plagiarism, but it doesn’t mean that we accept plagiarism. Any reutilization must be mentionned, and well motivated. The accreditation of the e.g., algorithm, figure must be crystal clear.

Any plagiarism will lead to a reject.

Selection Process

Considering that AlgoTel – CoRes is a community conference, some good papers may not be selected for various reasons (e.g., the research area is well-covered in the program, the geographical diversity should be respected, etc.). Besides, explaining everything in 4 pages is a challenging task for most of the research topics / contributions. Please keep in mind that we all had at least one paper that has been rejected in AlgoTel – CoRes (and probably not the worst one and probably more than one).

Cores or Algotel?

Some papers may fit well in both subconferences. The general rule is:

  • the focus is on the algorithmic part → Algotel
  • the focus is on the protocols / network architecture part → Cores

Don’t be afraid, it the paper is misclassified, the chairs may propose you to redirect your paper to cores / algotel. Besides some TPC members are part of the two communities, and they will probably receive your paper to review.